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Part I: Finding and Posting Your Images

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Part II: Reflect and Discuss

Did you see any images that surprised you? Did you see any images that you agree with or disagree with? What were they?

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2-D-1: Generational Images - Boomers and NetGenerationCollage-Educating the Net Generation
2-D-1: Generational Images - Boomers and NetGenerationCollage-Educating the Net Generation

Mary F
Boomer Generation: This picture represents
the Boomer Generation in two forms: 1. the
fact that a large amount of babies were born
around the same time, and 2. the drawing
represents the art of that era.
external image aging%20baby%20boomers.jpg
Courtney H.
Net Generation: I liked this picture because
felt that it did a good job of representing how
this generation has been exposed to
technology from the time they are born.
external image stk_baby_laptop.jpg
Courtney H.


Interests of the Boomers
Thought this picture showed some of the interests
of the Boomer Generation.
Travis N
Net Gen Multi-tasking
I liked how this one showed everything teenager
currently are keeping track of at one time
Travis N
This picture shows the gap between the Baby Boomers and today's generation.
Steven Baker
How social networking is consuming our time!
Steven Baker
This photo captures the fact the Baby Boomers are reaching retirement age. Although
they may actually choose to retire from their career, they may continue to work at
some other job.
Baby Boomers and Retirement

Jo Ann Noble
I thought the cartoon clip shows how even young students from net-generation are familiar
with using Web 2.0 tools.
Jo Ann Noble
Net Generation - This photograph made me reflect upon last week's discussion about how technology furthers the education of today's student well beyond the walls of the classroom. With technology, the world is literally within reach to our students.


Image came from:
Kristin Wilson
Boomers - I chose this photograph in response to Learning Activity 2-A-2: Boomer Traits. This image portrays the three generations: Boomer, Generation Y, and the Net Generation. I liked how the Generation Y was represented, sandwiched between the way they were raised and the unknown technology realm. In my opinion, their facial expression depicts their skepticism.
Image came from:
Kristin Wilson

Okay, I'm a Boomer and some of my best and life-long friends are Boomers. I couldn't resist posting my Boomer Friends' photos that I retrieved from Facebook.

In my view, these photos are artifacts that suggest that in contradiction to the opinion that some Boomers are slow to embrace technology, or don't embrace technology; there are Boomers who are all about technology. My two Boomer life-long friends below not only were at Woodstock for all three days of nothin' but fun and music, but now use social media, such as Facebook, and are fluent in technology applications such as Adobe Photoshop. Therefore, I am compelled to challenge the argument that there is a generation gap between all Boomers and the Net Generation. Some Boomers are, shall we say using the lingo of the Sixties: groovy!

Denise's Boomer Friends Then

Bommer_3_now.jpgFacebook Profile Pic of One of the Two Then Boomers, Now (Denise's friend)

Boomer_2_now.jpgFacebook Profile Pic made in Adobe Photoshop of the Other of the Two Boomers, Now (Denise's friend)
Denise DF
Baby Boomers Help Line

This is the Baby Boomers HELP line...when is comes to technology help ask the NetGeneration!

This image was found at
Baby Boomers
Better living through medicine leading to the extension of active life for most Baby Boomers.
Traci S
Net Generation
This is a Tron hoodie. Tron was a huge movie when gaming first started to evolve. I picture Net Generations wearing hoodies to conceal themselves from outsiders.
Traci S
Net Generation in the Workforce
As the Net Generation enters the workforce they bring with them unique character traits that will reshape American business.

This image was taken from:
Woodstockposter.jpg Baby Boomer
Angela T
net_generation_2.jpgNet Generation
Angela T
clinton.jpg Clinton epitomizes baby boomers to me.
Justin H
Millennials-V.3.jpg Net geners trade notebooks for laptops.
Justin H

Susan D
Baby Boomers are getting ready to retire and need help making plans for this major transition.

Susan D
The Net Generation gets an early start learning about technology in the classroom.